Making Every Day Count!

There’s nothing better than co-creating a BombDiggity day with someone you love and care deeply about.

 My day began with morning sunlight cutting across my hotel bedroom and warmly touching my wife’s face. I enjoyed every moment of watching her peacefully sleep. After checking-out of our hotel, we jumped in the car, kicked the sunroof back, put on sweat-shirts to keep us warm on a chilly morning, and drove to one of our favorite breakfast shops. While there, we lost our sense of time as we enjoyed a very positive and engaging conversation about where we are in life, our careers, as parents, and our future. After stopping by a frequented shopped store to grab some sunglasses, we jumped back in the car, resumed our great conversation, and began driving towards the mountains. The planned destination—home.

 To be honest (and this is incredibly embarrassing to admit), I have no idea how fast we were driving? After all, the sky was blue as blue gets, the morning air was fresh, cool, and crisp, the leaves in the trees were showing early signs of fall, the traffic was not a problem, and the two of us were drinking-in every minute and moment of our return trip home. At some midpoint in the journey home, we stopped in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. After parking, together, we walked through the Southern Highland’s Craft Guild and enjoyed an amazing collection and assortment of crafts made from glass, wood, metal, stone, leather and fabrics. Each one of these items were unique, one-of-a-kind, and hand-made. The best word to describe this art—BombDiggity.

 After enjoying our time at the guild, we began a walking tour throughout the downtown area. Time passed much too quickly as we moved over many blocks and  almost effortlessly to one of our favorite eateries. On our journey, we enjoyed many street vendors, curb-side musicians, and plenty of moments together on a sunny, cool day. As the day’s end neared, we ventured back to our car and headed west on our final 115 mile trek. Again, the changing leaves, beautiful blue skies, and a magnificent setting sun kept our attention.

 Ok—what made this day so special? This day was made special because of our intentional efforts to focus on, positively pursue, and design together those opportunities and experiences that were positive, enriching, up-lifting, and productive to our relationship’s well-being. Can these experiences be replicated in your own life? Absolutely! Every day possesses opportunities and experiences that you can intentionally design and pursue in positive and productive ways.

Every day won’t be perfect–in fact, none of them are. And for sure, while it sounded like it, our day yesterday wasn’t. For example, I failed to share with you (1) how many times we got lost and/or were misguided by a GPS system, (2) the frustration in realizing sunglasses had been left at home and we needed to buy new ones, (3) after waiting for many hours to eat, we arrived our favorite Asheville restaurant only to discover it was closed, (4) how many people were pushy and rude, (5) how long we sat at a complete stand-still on the interstate waiting for traffic to move, (6) how many miles we drove out of the way after realizing we had left behind my wife’s car in the downtown area, and the list goes on, and on, and on?

 So what was different in our approach? It’s simple—together, we took a “broaden and build approach” and decided to be intentional in our efforts to focus on, positively pursue, and co-design together a memorable, BombDiggity day together. Sure, we could have taken an opposite, negative, self-sabotaging approach. And in doing so, we could have gotten stuck on those things that would have guaranteed an awful, terrible, horrible, no-good, and very bad day together.

 The lesson learned—in Being BombDiggity—your approach to life matters! 

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