Being Good to Your Number One!

Recently at breakfast with a close friend, my friend spoke of her hectic pace and her inability to get everything she needed to get done—done. With a deep sigh she said: “I really need to find some time for myself.” As I thought about my friend’s confession, and also began reflecting about my own life—hectic pace and all–it suddenly occurred to me that I cannot think of a better BOMBDIGGITY gift we can give to ourselves than “the gift of time.”

 I know we are all extremely busy during this time of the year. And to make matters worse—we are also quickly entering one of the most fast pace times on the calendar. But, as we do so, we need to remember the benefits of “making and taking” time for ourselves. So, what are some of the best benefits?

 The chance to rest and unwind. Because we often run at a fast and frantic pace, we often forget that our body needs to rest in order to refuel and reenergize itself. However, doing more, doing more, doing more (yes—3 times) doesn’t help us achieve the goals and milestones we seek to accomplish. Unwinding allows our body to begin the process of restoring itself to a normal and healthy state. We all need the opportunity to slow down and catch our breath.

 Enhanced focus and concentration. Productivity and performance are elevated when a person is able to have a clear mind, focus, and concentrate on the task(s) at hand. When a person distracted, often times due to the hectic pace and noise in their life, the individual makes more mistakes and errors, experiences increased chances of injury to self/others, and is less effective and efficient in their work.

 Finding and reconnecting with yourself. Because much of our life is directed on external issues, spending important time alone allows a person to think about their own goals, desires, needs, and wishes. Obviously, an excessive internal focus on oneself leads to self absorption, detachment, and in the worse cases, narcissism. Getting back in touch with yourself in a healthy way allows a person to restore a sense of balance and harmony although we live in an imbalanced world.

 Creative problem solving and decision-making. Making and taking time for yourself allows a person to more carefully review the challenges that life has presented. Time also allows a person to establish, reexamine, and reconnect with their personal priorities in life. Time allows us to carefully explore our options, think out of the box, and connect some of the dots that seem unconnected in the midst of stressful times. While a few people thrive and flourish in stressful environments—most of us don’t. Time alone gives us some very important time to “just think.”

 Yes, Being BombDiggity also means doing something nice for yourself too!

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